Kind advices

We want to keep all relationships and deals on CST, entirely honest and fair.

To Vendor:

Think well about your offers and promises.

Do not make an offer to sell product, that don't you have in stock.

- If you sell product, you must have a product. Do not spoil your and Customers time for useless deals. Think about final result of a deal.

Do not offer to send product by definite shipping method, if you are no able to do so.

- We suggest to offer to ship order exactly by shipping method which will you use.

   Shipping method is very important thing, if talk about final result of deal.

   Deal is deal. If you offer to do - do as offered, exactly as offered.

   Do not attempt to save some penny, by using different shipping method.

   Use exactly specified in description shipping method.

Do sell and ship exactly what do you have, do service exactly, which described.

- You must remember, the Customer make a great favor by prepaid.

   The Customer are in rights to expect to get exactly paid item, exactly paid service.

Remember - your present deeds, make a direct effect on your business tomorrow.

- Do not do a one-day business. Build your long term business by honest deals.

  Your feedback today will bring to you a profit tomorrow and after tomorrow and

   after...after...again and again.

Respect your Customers.

- You must always remember, that your Customers are (if you wish) your breadwinner.

  Your business without Customers cost nothing.

  So, we do strongly recommend to respect your Customers and try to do all exactly as promised

  by description your products.

To Customer:

Think about your actions, before you do that.

Do not do any ill-considered actions.

- Think twice before make a purchase. Read carefully s description and all terms of item before

  you do click and start a purchase process. All ill-considered actions are brings concerns to

  Vendor. No one wants to work for too;)

We have a Privat message system and you can ask a Vendor any questions about product or

delivery terms or return terms....anything else.

- This is the best way to clarify an unspecified terms or parameters deal.

   Do not hesitate to send any questions to Vendor, it is a best way to prevent a useless,

   sometimes a harmful acts.

Do not try to trick Vendor.

- Strongly recommend to take off any thoughts to try to trick Vendor. We know well a lot of

method to trick Vendor and we will work hard for recognize an attempts and prevent any dishonest acts on CST.


Strongly recommended to respect each other.